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Dream Mykonos Photoshoot in 30 minutes!

I've been shooting events for over 8 years now. When I started events, I quickly realized that weddings soon become maternity shoots. As I looked for inspiration for maternity, I started playing with the flying dress idea. I found some photos of Greece's ultimate and most beautiful flying dress shoots. The white buildings behind a brightly colored dress, OMG, I was in love! However, it's Greece, quite a distance from where I live in the US. This became a dream of mine to shoot a flying dress in Greece.

I sound like I'm bragging by saying my daughter is amazing, but honestly, it is true. Once again, she hustled and sold over 3900 boxes of Girl Scout cookies her senior year of High School, all while juggling AP courses, being the lead in the spring play, and applying for college and scholarships. Guess what 3900 boxes meant....Mediterranean Cruise, here we come! Our stops were Italy, Croatia, and, yes, you guessed it, Greece! Not Santorini, but the next best thing, Mykonos!

Now, there were still a bunch of obstacles to get through:

  1. We only had approximately an hour off the ship in Mykonos.

  2. When you want to shoot with the city in the background, you need to be at the top of the city.

  3. We have a long red dress that needs to be put on in the open, with no bathrooms.

Ok, so first, we get off the ship, and I tell Katie, my daughter, and two of her Girl Scout friends the plan. We need to climb to the top of the city quickly, discreetly get her into the dress, shoot some photos, and then come back down in time to get back on our ship. Let's Go! These girls were on it!!! We got to the top in 15 minutes, discreetly put the dress on Katie, and started shooting. I will say this was in the middle of the day with full sun, and the wind was insane. So go easy on me because the hair and dress are a little more wind-blown than I had wished for. Also, the lighting could have been better. However, my dream came true, and I'm happy with the results. All because my daughter sold a bunch of Girl Scout cookies!

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